Bagua Interviews: Love & Relationships

Did you know that there's a place in your home and office directly related to your love and relationships and that keeping this space energetically flowing with Feng Shui principles will open your life up to a whole new level of peace and communication?

Sustainable Growth

Everything in life comes in cycles and waves, but when we think about success, personal or business, our goal should be sustainable growth. If you feel like you've been pushing, pulling, or dragging your way through, you don't want to miss this podcast episode.

Understanding Resistance

Have you ever slowed down enough to listen to your resistance? It has some pretty surprising things to say when you take the time to notice. If you’ve ever been curious about when to push yourself out of your comfort zone, or the nuance between intuition vs. resistance, you’re going to love this episode.

How you do one thing...

Our lives are trying to show us our freedom in everything we do. There are patterns that repeat themselves. Some we want to repeat, some we do not. Seeing this and choosing inspired action changes everything.

Stop Running in Circles

Sometimes it's hard to even remember how exactly you arrived where you are, but when you can see your life as it is you have the power to start making changes in the direction you desire.

Making Good Decisions

We're making new decisions every single day. Whether it's what to make for dinner, or where to send our kids to school, decision making can be time consuming and stressful. Come learn how to make decisions that you won't regret.

Settling In To A New Space

Whether you see a new move as a fresh start or a daunting task, this is the podcast for you. There are two things that are going to change everything as you settle into your new space and we’re sharing them with you in this podcast.

Who is your work serving?

If you've ever felt like you keep clocking in or showing up to your work with lack of passion or motivation, this podcast is for you! We're ready to infuse some meaning back into your career.

How about Some Self-Discovery?

We know that some of you are resisting, most of us aren't comfortable with the thought of looking inward because we are trained to always be taking care of other people. Come on and and take a tiny peek. You won't regret it!


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