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We know you’ve been busy:

family obligations,
life can get swirly fast!

It happened to us both before we found the tools that we now teach in our coaching practice.

Both of us had a few key elements in our favor, healthy families, passions, homes, food on the table… but we knew there had to be MORE. We couldn’t shake the feeling that we were meant for more. We weren’t willing to settle for survival when we knew that THRIVING was a possibility. We had big dreams that we weren’t willing to give up on, and we were determined to figure out what the heck we were missing. When we put our stories together, we realized that each of us had been missing key elements in the success formula, and it wasn’t until we decided to collaborate that everything stared clicking into place.

Are you where we were, longing to live a purposeful life?

Ready for MORE?
(time, energy, space, money, love, passion)

Is there a business, a project, or a creation in you that begging to be born?

Have you been called to make a difference, but are feeling a bit lost in the how?

It’s time to CREATE the life you’ve been dreaming of,
and it starts with

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The Feng Shui School is for visionaries, go-getters, and dreamers on a mission. It's for people who want to make a positive impact and are ready for things to start clicking into place so that they feel good about not only their lives, but all the lives that they will influence in their lifetime. We believe that a healthy you makes a healthy world and we know just how to get you healthy. Hint- health isn’t all in what you eat and how much you exercise… in fact it starts in the mind and expands outward.

This is EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for.

The school consists of a series of 4 Modules. Each module is focused on a specific want or need in your life:


Our students are on a mission to shake things up and they know that starting from deep within is the only way to create real lasting change. No matter what you come here to work on we know that EVERYTHING will improve. That’s how The Feng Shui School Works!

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The Feng Shui School is for you if:

  • you are ready for your next step and looking for full permission to take it guilt-free

  • you are self-driven, but need a little nudge and carefully laid out steps

  • you love learning but also like support to make sure you are doing it right

  • you learn well from audio, video, and specific journalling prompts

  • you have been looking for something new and DIFFERENT

    You have full freedom to move through the program as you like
    AND access to us for questions.

    It’s mind-blowingly perfect if you are ready for some serious shifts in your life.

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Each module includes:

A Personalized Consultation Report

(value $397)

Individualized Feng Shui Support (from Jen)


Individualized Life Coaching Support (from Amanda)


Module Workbooks

(value $197)

Module Video Series

(value $397)

Access to Discounted 1:1 Coaching

(huge savings)


(Once you complete all 4 modules you will be granted access to our
Expanded Growth Group Coaching Membership)

(exclusive, by invite only)

Conservatively valued at over $900…
and a lifetime of tools, tips, and expansion.

The price of this program is
only $747

But wait….

For a Limited Time!!!

Birthday Bash

So what’s the Birthday Price?
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If you haven’t clicked that button yet, and you’re anything like us, it’s because you’re wondering if investing in YOU is a worthy investment. We know the feeling. We also know that the most powerful way we’ve inspired our family’s and our communities is through investment in ourselves. If you are ready to feel whole again, ready to feel worthy, valuable, and unstoppable, this investment in you is the most important investment you can make.

Are there other ways to get where you want to go?

But we know that if you are here, you are here for a reason.
If the program is calling you,
then there’s something in it that’s for you!

You School

Curious what our students have to say about working with us?

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