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Interactive workshops for women who
want to love the next chapter of their life.

Wine, yummy snacks, life changing conversation, connection, & clarity.

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“Really helpful, fun, and inspiring! I left with more clarity and aha’s about what I can do to move past my own blocks (including talking with my husband about when we’re going to paint the hall! 🤣🤣). THANK YOU for following the messages you got to do this series! ♥️” L.T.

You do not want to miss any of these powerful nights out:


July- Show the World Who You Are

August- Deepen Your Relationships

September- Bring Your Sparkle Back

  • Life is supposed to be fun! Shed the weight and learn how to get your glow on in all parts of your life, then pop back home and lighten things up so you feels joyful and sparkly again.

  • Wednesday September 18, 6:00-9:00pm

  • The Blue Rock Restaurant

  • Limited space, RESERVE YOUR SEAT

October- Connect With Your Support Team

  • Even though you may not always feel supported, YOU ARE. Come learn how, where, and why you never have to feel alone again, then head back home and arrange your space so that you are calling in a stream of support.

  • Wednesday October 16, 6:00-9:00pm

  • The Blue Rock Restaurant

  • Limited space, RESERVE YOUR SEAT

November- Understand Your Purpose

  • Sick of the grind? You were meant for more and we will help you unveil it. Your life path is waiting for you to step in and make an impact, and your home is the perfect place to get the ball rolling.

  • Wednesday November 20, 6:00-9:00pm

  • The Blue Rock Restaurant

  • Limited space, RESERVE YOUR SEAT

December- Strengthen Your Intuition

  • Ever heard that the answers come from within? Come learn what that really means and how to put your intuitive whispers into action, then head back home and arrange your space to open a flow your intuitive wisdom.

  • Wednesday December 18, 6:00-9:00pm

  • The Blue Rock Restaurant

  • Limited space, RESERVE YOUR SEAT

Workshops already enjoyed:

May- Grow Into the Next Version of Yourself

  • Ready for an uplevel? Come learn our favorite personal growth tools and resources, and head back home refreshed, revitalized, and ready to transform your life and your space.

  • Wednesday May 22, 6:00-9:00pm

June- Live More Abundantly

  • Looking for more? Sink into gratitude, see how abundant the world really is, release your scarcity beliefs, and go home to design a space that aligns with all the abundance your desire and deserve.

  • Wednesday June 19, 6:00-9:00pm



  • How much?

    • The cost of the event is $47 with a special rate for those coming with a friend of 2 for $77.
      This includes a glass of wine, light snacks, and all the materials for your transformational experience.

  • Can I go to all 8 events?

    • Heck yeah! Not only will each event be different, but those who commit to all 8 events secure a SWEET deal at $247. That a savings of $129! Click HERE for reservations at this special guest price.

  • Will the restaurant be open?

    • We have secured the space as a private event. How amazing is that?! Thank you Blue Rock. This means that the kitchen and bar will not be open for service. So if you won’t have time to eat a full meal before, and want to bring your dinner to eat on site please feel free to do that.

  • I’m an introvert…

    • Good news! We are too, so we invest extra attention into creating a safe space for you to grow and connect in the best possible way for you. We know you’ll meet new friends, but we’ll also take extra care to give you plenty of space if it’s what you need.

  • What will we actually do?

    • You can expect pieces of the following: awakening, growing, connecting, collaborating, feng shui-ing, journaling, (deep) listening, sharing, creating, learning, stretching, mingling, and maybe even a stroll outside for some mid workshop fresh air…

  • What should I bring?

    • Yourself, a pen, a journal, and an open heart. Dress comfortably and prepare to meet some amazing people.

  • Where is The Blue Rock?

    • The Blue Rock is in downtown Shelburne Falls just across the bridge on the Buckland side.
      If you haven’t been here, you are in for a treat.

  • Have a question we didn’t answer?

    • Pop us a message here or on our Facebook page and we’ll get right back to you.

See you soon!