Jen Heilman & Amanda Kingsley

Hill town girls meet big city dreams and finally find their success and freedom!

When we entered the online world with our individual businesses we thought,
“Easy Peasy. We’ll do what everyone else is doing.”

Build a website.
Build an audience.
Build a community.
Build a sustainable income… and BOOM! we’re up and running!
Money flowing!
Sign us up!!!

But what we found out was that it doesn’t matter how “pretty” your website is, or how big your audience grows (or doesn’t grow!) If you don’t know who you are, including all your strengths, challenges, and patterns, your efforts hold you in a perpetual cycle of stress, fear, and doubt. Success does not come easily in this cycle, and if it comes at all you inevitably reach a point of overwhelm and burnout, and have to start all over again.

Are you experiencing this very thing in your business?

Or maybe you have a family and can see how this exact same pattern has shown up in your dreams, turned reality, for raising children?

Or maybe you have achieved the ‘dream’ career that you’ve worked and sacrificed your whole life to get but now that you’re here your are feeling confused?
We figured out how to build a rock solid foundation, one that can’t crumble no matter how much the world shakes. 


Now we feel fulfilled and remain inspired.

We can’t burn out because our flame is constantly being reignited.

We understand our strengths and weaknesses and see them as our gifts.

From our new stable foundation, we created a coaching partnership for women like you, and it has the potential to completely change your experience in this one precious life. We stopped worshipping all the gurus, stopped trying to follow someone else’s formula, and got down and dirty with what it really means to see who you are, accept who you are, and eventually LOVE who you are so you can make the impact you want to make. We took everything we know and we figured out how to nestle it into clear, concise and life changing programs.

Our clients are getting results that blow us away: growing businesses, big moves, changing relationships, happier families, and so much more. They come to us on a regular basis to tell us how much this work has changed their lives. It’s not us that changed their lives; we are simply the messenger. When they show up, apply the tools, and take inspired action they continue to grow far beyond our time together. We were determined to create products that would ripple forward as each of our clients continue to expand and evolve, and we’ve succeeded in doing exactly that. We knew we had an impact to make before we leave these bodies, and now we show up every single day and allow it to unfold.

Our story is unique, but it’s not exclusive.

It can be your story too.

There’s no impact too big or too small,
when you learn to live your truth you serve your purpose.

Jen Heilman- Feng Shui Transformational Coach

Jen Heilman- Feng Shui Transformational Coach

Amanda Kingsely- Life Coach

Amanda Kingsely- Life Coach

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